How to get rid of unwanted books

Updated April 17, 2017

Books are falling from your bookshelves, tumbling from closets, overflowing from tables and piled on the floor. You know you need to get rid of some of them. After all, once you've read them once you really don't want to read them again. Try these tips to clear out those unwanted books and make room for new ones.

Hold a yard sale. Yard and garage sales are the perfect places to sell books you no longer need. Gather all of your unwanted books and determine how much you'd like to sell them for. Plan the day of your yard sale and advertise it in local newspapers. On the day of your yard sale, set up your merchandise. Be prepared to bargain because yard sale shoppers love to haggle.

Sell them at a flea market. It's inexpensive to rent space and you can have fun as you earn some quick cash. Determine the price you are willing accept for each book. You can sell books in a bundle or individually. Just do your best to get rid of every single one.

Trade them at a used bookstore. Lots of used bookstores get fresh merchandise by accepting trade-ins from the public. The great thing about this is that you give the used bookstore your old books and you receive credit for purchasing other books from the store.

Sell them at an online book buyer. The Internet abounds with companies that buy used books from people. Try websites such as CKY Books or Cash4books (see Resources below). Plug in the book's ISBN code, and the website tells you whether or not the company is willing to purchase the book from you. You ship the books for free and get paid as soon as the company approves the books.

Donate them to a library or charity organisations such as Goodwill and The Salvation Army. If you donate your books to non-profit ,you can write it off on your taxes. Beside that, you're doing a good deed.


You may want to research the price of your books by going to a site such as It would be terrible to sell a book for 60p and find out the next day that it was a rare book worth a great deal more.

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