How to Dress Like Waldo From Where's Waldo

Updated March 23, 2017

What's better than a Halloween costume that you already have in your closet? The "Where's Waldo?" costume is among the easiest you can put together. Root through your closet, throw it on and go have some Halloween fun standing out from the crowd.

Pick out a pair of medium-wash blue jeans. If you have blue trouser trousers, put them on, but jeans will do. Waldo wears a pair of standard blue trousers in all his pictures.

Search out a red and white striped shirt. No luck? Take out a regular white shirt and go to town with a red Sharpie marker, making candy-cane stripes all the way across. You can do the opposite with a red shirt and bleach, but it's a bit tougher and messier. Clorox bleach pens are the best bet if you have to do it this way.

Top it off with a red and white winter hat. One with a pom-pom on top is perfect, but really the shirt is what makes the outfit, so any red and white hat will do.

Tie on some brown shoes. Brown dress shoes are the ultimate look, but you can pull it off even with plain brown sneakers.

Pick up a pair of novelty round glasses at a party store. The ones that come with a nose attached look most like what you're looking for; just pull the nose off. If you can't find them, any round, plastic glasses will do.

Check out the Waldo books for accessory inspiration. You may want to add a cane, some striped socks or other add-ins to make the look unique.

Get some friends in on the act. The more friends you have playing the part, the more "lost" you look, which is the whole idea behind the Waldo books. With 10 "Waldo's" walking around, you can create your own confusion as to who the "real" Waldo is.


This is a great, non-embarrassing girlfriend/boyfriend look. The look is neutral enough for both of you to pull off and two "Waldo's" look great together.

Things You'll Need

  • Red and white shirt
  • Blue trousers
  • Brown shows
  • Round glasses
  • Accessories, such as a cane
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