Pine Cone Owl Crafts

Updated April 17, 2017

Pine cones are typically found on the ground during the fall months. Pine cones grow on pine trees and carry the tree's seeds. When the pine cones open, the seeds are released, and then the pine cone dries and hardens in the open position. With the pine cone scales spread apart and hardened in place, the pine cone is similar to an owl's body in colour and visual texture, which makes them ideal for pine cone owl crafts.

Feathered Owl

Make a feathered owl craft in the autumn, when the leaves are falling. Collect some pine cones, leaves and fallen acorns from outside. Glue the items together, using the pine cone as the owl's body, the leaves as the owl's wings and the tops of the acorns as the owl's eyes.

Fuzzy Owl

Some owls are not similar in colour to pine cones, such as the snowy owl, which is almost completely white. Create the unique look of a snowy owl out of a pine cone by stretching out cotton balls or using craft cotton to wrap around the pine cone. The texture of the pine cone will give the owl the feathery texture while the white cotton will provide the correct colouring.

Owl Ornament

Use small pine cones to make owl ornaments. Tie a piece of yarn around the top of the pine cone before you begin. Use googly eyes for the owl's eyes and craft feathers or leaves as the wings. Kids might also chose to cut shapes out of craft foam to use for the wings and beak. As long as the yarn is securely tied around the top, the owl can be an ornament, no matter how you decorate it.

Owl Name Card Holder

Lay the pine cone on its side to make an owl face on the top of the pine cone by attaching googly eyes. Then, glue feathers on the sides of the pine cone for wings. Make name cards using cardstock and stick the name card into the top of the pine cone owl. With the pine cone laying on its side, stick the name card between the pine cone scales.

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