How to Make Parking Brake Adjustments in a VW Beetle

Adjust your VW Beetle parking brake at home, saving you time and money by avoiding the mechanics shop. Make this adjustment for all older year Beetles, 1979 or earlier, when the car starts to roll. Your older car takes more adjustments than a new car.

Locate the hand brake lever inside the car between the driver seat and the front passenger seat.

Remove the covering around the hand brake lever.

Rotate the two nuts that are close to the hand brake lever. These are attached to the two rods sticking out of the back metal plate. They are the cables to your wheels parking brakes. On Type 2 models, adjust the nut from below the vehicle.

Raise the vehicle's rear wheels and loosen the locknut on the front of the hand brake lever that holds the cables in place.

Turn the adjusting nuts until you can feel a slight resistance when you spin the rear wheels around.

Release the nut until you can pull up on the hand brake lever and hear three clicks or three notches. Adjust type 2 models to hear six clicks or six notches.


Adjustments to the parking brake are automatic on Beetles made since the year 2000. The parking brake cables automatically adjust once the initial adjustment takes place at the factory.


When the cables are disconnected, never pull in on the hand brake.

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