How to Make Wallpaper Covered Frames

Updated February 21, 2017

You can transform a plain wood frame into a beautiful display piece with luxury wallpaper. Many decorator, hardware and wallpaper stores are happy to give away expired sample books that will give you the material you need. The papers are of excellent quality, and designs are inspirational.

Choose a sheet of wallpaper that is larger than your frame. Generously add glue to the front of the frame to cover most areas. Flip the frame over and place it on the back of your wallpaper sheet, pressing down to secure it. With scissors, cut away excess wallpaper, but leave enough to cover the frame and part of the back. Attach pieces of double-sided tape around the back of the frame. Fold the wallpaper on all sides from the front to the back and secure with the tape. Make small cuts around the corners of the wallpaper, fold the strips over and secure them to the back of the frame with the tape.

Cut an "X" into the centre of the frame to make four triangles in the opening. Fold each triangle from the front to the back through the opening and crease into the indents where a picture would go. Cut off the excess and secure the pieces to the inside of the frame with double-sided tape. Cover the back with a piece of wallpaper that is smaller than the frame, and secure it to the frame with double-sided tape for a nice finish.

When you've completed the frame, cut out a complementary image from another wallpaper sample and insert it into the frame. (The photo shows a woodcut of a bird taken from another wallpaper sample.) You've now created an interesting art accessory you won't find in any gallery.


Wallpaper samples provide unique art in themselves, and are great for framing. Use wallpaper to cover mats (inserts in frames) for an interesting effect. Set aside about 30 minutes for this project, which is easy to adapt to a variety of themes. Wallpaper-covered frames make excellent gifts.

Things You'll Need

  • Wallpaper sample sheets
  • White glue
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Plain wood frame (5 by 7 inches)
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