How to Make Fake Wounds

Updated February 21, 2017

Making fake wounds is a great special effect for Halloween costumes, theatre work or for a gory horror movie. Fake wounds are easy and inexpensive to create using simple household supplies. The wounds can be made more professional with theatre make-up and FX wax. If done correctly, the effect looks just as realistic, no matter the budget.

Using alcohol, clean the area of the skin where the scar will be made. A cleaner area allows the fake scar to adhere to the skin better.

Place a 1/2-inch wide, 1/4-inch thick strip of FX wax or chewed bubblegum (until pliable) on to the area of the skin where the scar is to be and press down firmly, so that it adheres well to the skin. The strip can be as long as needed. Smooth the outside edges until flush with the skin. The middle should be raised.

Colour the scar with make-up that is the colour of your skin. The edge around the scar needs to be blended to match the colour of the unscarred skin outside of that. It can be darker as you near the middle of the scar.

Cut a thin line down the middle of the scar with a sharp razor or thin object. Sturdy cardboard, like a matchbook cover, will work as well. Tease and lift the inside edges along the scar length so it looks like a jagged cut.

Colour the inside of the scar with make-up. Use black make-up, then go down the middle with dark red make-up. This gives the wound an appearance of depth within the skin.

Pat the scar with clear make-up powder to dull the shine of the wax or gum and the make-up. This clear make-up powder is optional. Apply blue make-up around the scar to simulate bruising.

Drip a few drops of fake blood down the centre of the scar. Use a finger to stop the flow of the fake blood if it goes too fast. Allow it to dry for a few minutes.


Skin Tite Silicone Adhesive is a great, professional alternative to bubblegum or wax. One advantage is that the wound can be removed in one piece and reapplied several times.


Be careful not to cut yourself with the razor blade in Step 4.

Things You'll Need

  • Alcohol
  • FX wax or bubblegum
  • Theatrical or cosmetic make-up
  • Make-up sponge pad or folded paper tissue
  • Clear make-up powder (optional)
  • Razor blade or other sharp-edged tool
  • Fake blood
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