How to buy clothes wholesale

Updated April 17, 2017

When you purchase clothes wholesale, you generally save a bundle off standard retail prices. People often buy clothes wholesale in order to then resell them later at retail prices and make a profit. While you often have to buy in bulk to get wholesale prices, this is not a hard rule; you can sometimes get a wholesale price on just one item. Here are some tips for buying clothes wholesale.

Determine the type of clothes you are looking to purchase wholesale. If there are particular designer items in which you are interested, note them down on a list. This will help to focus your search for wholesale clothes.

Research the industry. Look at retail prices for the items you wish to resell. This will help you determine the price you want to pay for the items when you purchase them wholesale. Calculate the price you need to pay in order to make a solid profit when you resell it. Keep your calculations handy so you can ensure you stay on track while shopping wholesale.

Find wholesalers. If you are looking to purchase a particular brand of clothing exclusively, it may be best to go through the brand's company directly. Brands have specific criteria which you have to meet in order to qualify for wholesale prices, however, it's certainly worth your time to see if you meet those requirements. If you do not, you can find wholesale clothes for sale at various sites online such as Merchandize Liquidators and Apparel for U (see Resources below).

Check the minimums required to get wholesale prices. Many wholesalers require that you purchase a minimum number of the same article of clothing in order to get the wholesale prices on them. For example, you may have to purchase 50 pairs of Seven for All Mankind jeans in order to get the lower, wholesale price on each pair. Many wholesalers require very high minimums such as 100 to 500 of a particular item. There are wholesalers that offer no minimums required though they are few and far between.

Purchase the items from the wholesaler and have them shipped to your home or office. Be aware that shipping on wholesale clothing can take quite a while, up to eight weeks. If you are purchasing from an overseas wholesaler, it will likely take longer to ship the clothing to you. Make sure to factor shipping costs into your pricing.


Confirm that the wholesaler you choose is legitimate. There are many fake wholesalers out there who sell replica designer clothing. Only purchase from a trusted source.


Avoid paying for wholesale clothing in cash. You want some kind of recourse if there is a problem with your order and credit card payment offers more protection.

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