How to make a camping bedroll

Updated April 17, 2017

Camping is a great outdoor experience, but packing for it is not as fun. With the summer months being very hot, a sleeping bag is not always desirable or available. This is a great supplement for making your own and a way to stay cooler while out camping.

Place the waterproof material flat on the ground. Then put the first blanket over the top so it is covering two-thirds of the waterproof cover.

Place the second blanket over the first, lining its edge at the middle of the first blanket.

If any additional blankets are desired, continue to place them in the same arrangement as the first two, alternating positions.

Fold the sheet or sleeping blanket in half and place it in the middle of the bedroll.

Starting with the last blanket you put down, fold the blankets one at a time over the sleeping blanket or sheet.

Fold the waterproof covering over the blankets. To get into your bedroll, enter from the top, into the middle and you should be in the sleeping blanket or sheet.

When you are packing up your bedroll for camping, place your nightclothes and needed toiletries in the middle inside the bedroll.

Begin to roll from the bottom, until you have a tight roll, then tie it off by using the ropes on at least the two ends and possibly a third in the middle to keep everything together and tight.

Things You'll Need

  • Large waterproof cover
  • As many blankets as desired
  • Sleeping blanket or sheet
  • Ropes
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