How to Bet on Unborn Baby Gender

When a friend or family member is expecting a new baby, the couple may want to keep the baby's gender a surprise. You can start a baby gender pool to take bets on the sex of the unborn baby.

Start a webpage for the unborn baby. You could run the pool the old fashioned way with pen and paper, but family members near and far can participate if you set up a webpage on a site like

Set an amount that participants must bet in order to enter the baby pool. For example, you can ask for each party to put $5 into the pot.

Ask participants to enter their guess. If you're just doing a gender bet, then each person will only have to guess whether the baby's a boy or girl. To make things more interesting, you may want to have participants guess the due date as well.

Decide on the winner or winners. If you're only betting on the gender, then you'll have to split the pool among all the participants who guessed correctly. However, if you included a due date guess, you can use that to decide the winner of the bet.


Remember to set up rules for the baby pool. For example, no one can submit an entry on the day of the actual birth. At the end of the pool, post the results on Include the child's sex, weight, length and date of birth along with the name of the pool winner.

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