How to Include Spanking in Child Discipline

Spanking is one of the most controversial forms of disciplining a child. It is hard to believe that only a generation ago no parent thought twice about swatting their kid on the butt when they were bad. Spanking has its benefits and drawbacks, so make sure you know what you are doing before you put your child over your knee.

Talk to other parents for ideas on how they discipline their children. Some parents will quickly volunteer that they spank their children. Others think it is the ultimate taboo. The most successful parents are the ones that establish routines and ground rules for their children and stick to them.

Make sure you are spanking him for the right reason. He will remember the spanking, so do it to reinforce something important such as running into the road or touching the stove. Don't spank your kid for spilling their bottle or pulling the cat's tail.

Determine if you should incorporate spanking as punishment for your child. Spanking isn't appropriate for every child and many believe you shouldn't spank children over eight years old. Instead, let them accept the natural consequences of their actions as much as possible.

Process what happened after the spanking. After everyone has settled down, sit down and talk with your child about why you spanked them. Even if it is a small child, use small, direct words and phrases to reinforce your message. Give him a hug to show him that you still love him.

Evaluate how often spanking is used. If you are giving out spankings every day, then it might be time to consider an alternative form of discipline.

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