How to Be a Good Puritan

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The Puritans were a group of religious dissenters who formed out of opposition to the Church of England in the 16th Century. They believed in a literal and strict interpretation of the Bible and regarded it as the true law of God. Politically persecuted in England, many Puritans settled in America in the 1600s. Though the age of the Puritans was over by the 18th Century, their teachings and beliefs can still hold relevance for modern Christians.

Be passionate in your love for Jesus Christ. The Puritans believed strongly that the Gospels were the absolute truth and took an active role in spreading the teachings of Christ. For Puritans, it was an individual's responsibility to defend and promote their beliefs.

Ensure that you are living your life within the framework taught by the Bible. Puritans believed that it was important to always look for ways that their lives might be out of line with the teachings of Christ. Whether it is work, family or social life, constantly evaluate your choices and make changes as necessary.

Adhere strictly to the doctrine of the Bible. Puritans believed that the Bible was God's law, and that there was no room to deviate from its teachings.They held to the notion that it was fundamentally important to remain true to the teachings of the Bible, even when it was difficult to do so. The Puritans opposed softening the teachings of the Bible to conform with societal changes.

Read the Bible and pray every day. Because the Puritans believed that it was everyone's individual responsibility to maintain a personal connection with God, daily prayer and Bible study was considered mandatory. The Puritans believed that spirituality came from understanding the teachings of the Bible.

Raise your children to believe in the teachings of the Bible. Puritans believed that parents should be good role models for their children, and set examples on how to live. Raising children to have Puritan values should be regarded as important work, and parents should be willing to put forth considerable time and effort to achieve that goal.

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