How to Install a Cherrybomb Exhaust Tip

Updated February 21, 2017

With the introduction of the Ford V8 engine in 1932, high performance became available to the average motorist. While exhaust systems were developed to quiet all this power, there were people who found that the excitement of faster automobiles could be better expressed if their vehicle thundered loudly down the road rather than whispered. Cherrybomb mufflers were developed to provide all the thunder, but with a deep, rich, tone. The Cherrybomb muffler's appearance is enhanced by installing a Cherrybomb exhaust tip. It can be installed quickly and easily in 30 minutes with no special skills required.

Put wheel blocks in place on both sides of each of the wheels that will remain on the ground.

Use the automobile jack to raise the car to a sufficient height for you to work comfortably under the vehicle.

Place jack stands under the frame of the car and adjust both jack stands to the sustained height required for work.

Lower the car with the jack until the frame is properly resting on the jack stands.

Measure the outside diameter of the exhaust pipe of the Cherrybomb muffler with a tape measure and use this measurement when purchasing the Cherrybomb tip.

Attach the properly sized Cherrybomb exhaust tip by hand onto the end of the muffler's exhaust pipe and position it in place according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Place the U-bolt portion of the clamp assembly midway between the end of the Cherrybomb exhaust tip where it meets the muffler and its base with the threaded ends facing down.

Attach the lower part of the clamp to the U-bolt with the radius forming around the lower portion of the pipe and secure the nuts supplied with the clamp assembly using an appropriately sized combination wrench.

Raise the car with the jack to just above the height of the jack stands and remove the jack stands from beneath the vehicle.

Lower the car to the ground and remove the jack and the wheel blocks.


Check the wheel blocks for security before getting under the car.

Things You'll Need

  • Wheel blocks
  • Automobile jack
  • Jack stands
  • Tape measure
  • Cherrybomb exhaust tip
  • Muffler clamp
  • Combination wrench
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