How to Draw Lady from Lady and the Tramp

Updated February 21, 2017

One of Disney's most beloved movies was Lady and the Tramp. As a child, one remembers watching Lady and the Tramp everyday, falling in love with Lady's beauty and innocence. Using Adobe Photoshop, all fans of Lady and the Tramp can bring one of the most beloved characters to life in a seven step process.

Draw a circle with a squared half circle connected to it. On the lower left side of the circle, add a "J" shaped line. Do the same to the right side, this time only adding a straight line.

Add a larger circle beneath the lines you have just drawn. After that, draw two lines that connect to an oval that is slightly smaller than the circle you drew on the right.

Add an oval to your large circle as shown. Then add a small oval to the bottom of that oval. Slightly above and to the right, add a rectangle with an oval as shown. Over to the left, add two rectangles to the large oval you drew in step two. At the bottom of the lowermost square, add an oval. For the back leg, add half a long oval, and attach a smaller oval to the long oval.

Draw Lady's eye and nose. Begin shaping her head as shown.

Trace over your guidelines as shown. Add some fur indication along Lady's legs and tail. Add the stripe Lady has on her face.

Erase your guidelines.

Colour Lady for authenticity.


Follow your guidelines that you created For digital colouring, pull a picture of Lady from the Internet so that you can use the eyedropper tool to get Lady's colours correct.

Things You'll Need

  • Tablet
  • Adobe photoshop
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