How to Move a Washing Machine to a New Room

For any number of reasons, you may change the location of your laundry room and will have to move the washing machine. In order to avoid damage to the washing machine or the home's structure, a step-by-step procedure must be carefully implemented. The move is completed with minimal effort and time by employing the correct tools for the job. Rushing the move can cause damage to the washing machine and the walls or injury to those participating in the move.

Unplug the washing machine's electrical cord from the wall outlet.

Trace the hot and cold water hoses from the back of the washer to the shutoff valves to which they are connected. Turn the handles or knobs on the shutoffs all the way to the right to shut off the water supply.

Unscrew the water hose fittings from the shutoff valves by turning them counterclockwise with a pair of slip-joint pliers. Unscrew the hoses from the back of the washing machine so they will not interfere with the move.

Unhook the drain hose from the drain or the stationary tub. Hook the drain hose over the back of the washing machine and drape the electrical cord over the back of the machine as well.

Pull the washing machine out from the wall. Push the machine off the floor from the front and slide the lip of the appliance dolly evenly under the front edge of the washer. Lower the washing machine onto the dolly.

Wrap the straps of the appliance dolly around the washing machine and tighten them using the crank on the dolly.

Place one foot on the dolly's axle and one foot behind you. Grab the dolly and shift your weight backward to lift the washing machine off the floor so it is entirely supported by the dolly. Move the washer to its new location.

Things You'll Need

  • Slip-joint pliers
  • Appliance dolly
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