How to Find Free Knitting Patterns for Babies

Updated February 21, 2017

Knitting is a great pastime and skill that can result in heirloom quality gifts for yourself, family or friends. Staying inspired beyond the winter scarf and mittens can be a bit difficult though and having access to new patterns is vital. Thanks to the Internet, getting free knitting patterns is just a click away.

Need a pattern for a baby blanket or bootees? No problem. There are plenty available at any skill level or price point. Ready to pick up the needles? Here are some patterns to get you started.

Go to Knitting Pattern Central for a wide variety of baby inspired knitting patterns. Here you'll find a collection of patterns from different sites on the web including the basic standards, plus patterns for preemies and toddler clothing. Some patterns require a PDF reader, while some others require site registration (usually free). There are great pictures of projects and plenty of options.

Bookmark the Lion Brand Yarn site and have access to numerous baby knitting patterns plus the added benefit of getting the exact yarn called for in the pattern. Each pattern has a picture, skill level and an option to order the yarn needed for the job. This is terrific for the knitter who likes it smooth and easy. Registration may be required.

Go to the Crystal Palace Yarn site. Again, this site has the added benefit of listing the exact type of yarn needed for each project, great photos and unique patterns.

Click on for nice baby patterns for a variety of skill levels, and the site also has plenty of answers for novice knitters to help get them through the tough stuff. A great site to visit over and over.

Go to to find some more easy to knit baby patterns for blankets, bootees or complete layettes. You may have to sign up to become a site member, but membership is free and some of the patterns are unique enough to make it worth the extra effort.


Print off several patterns and bookmark sites for later so that you have plenty of options when you are ready to start knitting. If you have trouble getting yarn locally, use the sites that sell yarn so that you get exactly what you need and you end up with a successful project.

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