How to Break Up a Concrete Driveway

Updated February 21, 2017

Breaking up a concrete driveway does not have to be hard work. There are some ways to make it a little easier on the people doing it. There is a combination of ways to break up the concrete. Some are ways are easier than the others. When breaking up concrete, it is important to use tools and equipment that is in top condition to prevent accidents.

Use a jackhammer to drill into the concrete. The jackhammer does vibrate and someone stronger should use this piece of equipment. Angel the jackhammer so that it is digging in at an angel rather than using it straight up and down. This process is going to make it easier to lift and break pieces up smaller with a sledgehammer.

Use a sledgehammer to break the cement. This is done to the larger pieces that have been made by the jackhammer. It is important to break up the concrete as small as possible. The sledgehammer does need to be lifted over the head and brought down hard on the concrete in order to break it. It does take more than one time of doing this to break the thick concrete.

After using the jackhammer and the sledgehammer to break the concrete slab up into small pieces, use a small bobcat to remove the pieces of concrete to a nearby truck for transport to a landfill site. If no bobcat is available, use a strong shovel to move the concrete. This might require breaking the concrete into even smaller pieces.

Another way to break up concrete in a driveway is to eliminate the jackhammer and use the bobcat to lift the concrete and have someone breaking the concrete with a sledgehammer while the bobcat is holding the slab in the air slightly.

The last way to break up driveway concrete without using a bobcat or a jackhammer is by using a sledgehammer alone. This way does take more time and strength. It is not the recommended way to break up a driveway, but can be done over a period of time.


Always wear safety glasses and gloves.

Wear steel tipped shoes to protect feet.


When using a jackhammer, take appropriate breaks from the vibration.

Inspect the jackhammer air hose to make sure it is intact before turning on the air.

Things You'll Need

  • Jackhammer (optional)
  • Sledgehammer
  • Bobcat (optional)
  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves
  • Steel tipped shoes
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