How to make a wine bottle table lamp

Updated February 21, 2017

Empty wine bottles aren't just something to send to the recycling center. They can be converted into new items, such as household lamps. A standard drill with a glass drill bit and a string of Christmas lights will turn wine bottles into interesting table lamps. Set the lamps on end tables, dinner tables or bedside tables to add ambient light to the room.

Wash a wine bottle with washing up liquid, remove the labels and let it air dry thoroughly.

Place a piece of masking tape over a spot on the lower side of the wine bottle where you want to put the hole for the cord. The masking tape prevents the bottle from slipping.

Drill a hole in the wine bottle using a drill bit designed for drilling glass. Do not drill quickly or the glass will crack. Wash out all the glass dust from the bottle and let it dry again.

Fill the bottle with 2.5 to 5 cm (1 or 2 inches) of clean sand to add some weight and stability to the bottle. Push the strand of Christmas lights into the bottle through the drilled hole.


Use LED lights to prevent the lamp from getting too hot.


Be sure to read and follow all of the warnings when dealing with electricity.

Things You'll Need

  • Drill
  • 1.3 cm (1/2 inch) glass drill bit
  • Masking tape
  • 1 strand Christmas lights
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