How to check scrap metal prices

Updated February 21, 2017

Scrap metal businesses are receiving houses for recycled metal. Everything from aluminum soda cans to sheet metal or copper can come under the heading of scrap. With the rising cost of many scrap metals, this can be a lucrative business.

Collect together the types of scrap metal you have access to. There is no sense wasting time on the prices of metals that you can't get, so make your list. There are two different prices that you need to be aware of, open market and local prices. Normal trade lines go from you to the local recycler to the commercial recycler. The prices vary greatly at each of these levels.

Check the international prices of scrap metal on the Internet. A number of sites list current scrap metal prices on an international level. This will provide you with enough information to know which dealers in your local area are giving a fair price and which ones are just out to make money off you. In this case, it may be worth the extra cost to travel further to sell your scrap.

Call your local area recyclers and check on what their pricing is for the metals that you have to sell. Not all recyclers take all metals. You may have to travel outside your local area to find a broker that will handle the metal that you have. This is probably not aluminum but it may be true for sheet metal or steel in bulk.

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