How to measure when choosing bras

Updated February 21, 2017

Getting the right bra size is important. You must learn the correct way to measure in order to find out your proper bra size. There are different ways and methods of measuring. The following is the most common way of measuring for bra size and the one that gives the best results.

Use a tape measure to measure under your breast, around the ribcage. Ensure that the tape measure is flat all the way around and is not twisted. Make a note of this measurement.

Determine the measurement around the fullest part of your breast by using a tape measure. Again, ensure that the tape measure is not twisted. Make note of this measurement.

Figure out your band size. The first measurement is your band size. If you measured 34 inches, then the first part of your bra size will be 34.

Add five to this first measurement. Then subtract the two measurements to find your cup size. One inch is A, two inches is a B, three inches is a C, and so on.

Try on different bras to determine if the size is accurate. Different companies have different sizing. Find one that is comfortable and gives you adequate support.


Try using a bra size calculator. Various websites use these. You put in your measurements and it gives you the correct size. This is especially useful if you know what brand of bra you want to purchase.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
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