How to Maintain a Mantis Tiller

A Mantis tiller is a small, sturdy device made to withstand years of service. If maintained properly during the year, it'll be ready to use at the beginning of the spring garden season. Here are a few guidelines to keep your Mantis tiller running trouble free.

Fill your gas tank with fresh fuel every 14 days. An old fuel mixture can separate and clog the carburetor and the fuel lines. The manufacturer recommends a mixture of unleaded gasoline and two-stroke engine oil in a 50:1 ratio.

Inspect the air filter before you crank up your tiller and replace it if it's dirty.

Check the gearbox grease level at the beginning of every gardening season by removing the cover located on the back of the gearbox. Check that the level reaches the lip of the transmission with the gearbox tilted at a 45-degree angle. Always fill the gearbox with the engine and guard attached and only use Mantis lithium grease.

Clean the exhaust system monthly when in use. Remove the starter assembly, the spark plug cap, the red cylinder cover and the muffler cap. Locate the small screen under the muffler cap and spray it with carburettor cleaner, scrubbing it with a toothbrush if necessary. You manual will help you locate all of the different components.

Perform a monthly check of the spark plug, fuel lines and fuel strainer located inside the gas tank. The spark plug should be clean and free of damage. Replace cracked or gummed up fuel lines and make sure the fuel strainer is soft and absorbent.

Winterize your tiller at the end of every gardening season. Remove the tines and place a coating of oil on the tine shaft. Drain the fuel tank and pump the primer bulb to drain fuel from the carburettor. Remove the spark plug and pour 1 tsp. of two-stroke engine oil into the spark plug port. Slowly pull the starter rope several times, and then replace the spark plug, leaving the spark plug cap off. This procedure coats the interior of the engine with oil for winter storage. Check the grease level and fill if necessary.

Things You'll Need

  • Mantis tiller manual
  • Phillip's head screwdriver
  • Unleaded gasoline
  • Two-stroke engine oil
  • Carburettor cleaner
  • Toothbrush
  • Mantis lithium grease
  • Mantis tiller replacement parts
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