How to make a chicken costume

Updated February 21, 2017

A chicken costume bought at a fancy dress shop can set you back a pretty penny, so why not make your own. Put together a chicken costume for any size from infant through to adult. Anyone who can operate a hot glue gun can make an inexpensive but striking chicken costume.

Cut a slit into a large square of yellow felt. The hole needs to be large enough so that you can fit your head through it, but not so large that it slips off your shoulders.

Attach feather boas onto the square of felt. You can attach the boas only along the bottom edges, or cover the felt completely.

Glue a piece of red felt, cut to look like the comb on top of a chicken's head, onto a stocking cap. Glue loose feathers onto the rest of the cap to cover it.

Wear yellow tights or trousers to look like chicken legs. White tights can be dyed yellow with fabric dye. Be sure to do this a day or two before the event so that the fabric has time to dry.

Use yellow felt to cut out two chicken feet. Make them large enough to cover your shoes completely. Hot glue them to the top of your shoes for an easy on and off costume accessory. If you don't want to turn a pair of shoes into chicken feet, you can tie the felt cutouts onto a pair of shoes, or use removable velcro strips.

Things You'll Need

  • Yellow felt
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Feather boas
  • Red felt
  • Stocking cap
  • Loose feathers
  • Yellow tights
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