How to become a laser hair removal technician

Updated February 21, 2017

The laser hair removal industry is expanding due to the growing popularity of the technology, and there are many opportunities to find work in this field. By completing the courses needed to become certified as a laser hair removal technician, you can start making good money right away.

Find the right training facility when you want to become a laser hair removal technician. Look for a training centre that offers national or state-approved training programmes and licensed certification at the conclusion of the programme.

Choose a instructional facility that focuses on hands-on training to help you become a laser hair removal technician. Hands-on training is the quickest and most comprehensive way to learn the laser hair removal technology, and you will be able to complete instruction much more quickly in this type of programme.

Look for a training programme that covers all of the current technologies in laser hair removal, including the use of home laser hair removal kits. With all of the competing technologies in the field, you will want to become proficient at each method in order to be more qualified on the job market.

Take additional courses in related fields to complement your knowledge of the laser hair removal industry. This includes such subjects as basic laser physics, hair and skin biology and growth cycles, laser safety issues, legal issues and regulations and even marketing yourself for your career in laser hair removal.

Ask about job placement programmes offered by your training facility once you compete the course work and obtain your certifications. Most laser hair removal training facilities have affiliations with both laser medical centres and recruitment outsourcing firms that specialize in the medical fields. By utilizing these resources, you should be able to get off to a good start in your career as a laser hair removal technician.

Use online resources, such as the Spa & Beauty Schools website, to find a training facility that offers the right certification for you to become a laser hair removal technician (see Resources below). By simply entering your postcode (zip code), you will be given a list of accredited training centres in your area.


If you are already a nurse or medical assistant, or have a background in electrolysis or cosmetic surgery, you will have a distinct advantage in being hired as a laser hair removal technician.

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