How to treat headaches caused by dehydration

Updated February 21, 2017

When you suffer from a dehydration headache, there are ways to minimize the pain and prevent it from becoming worse so you can return to your normal activities. With a little information, you can treat and even prevent dehydration headaches from sidelining you from the things you want to do.

Drink water. This is the fastest and most effective way to reverse dehydration symptoms such as headache and fatigue. If nausea is an issue, drink a teaspoon of water every half hour, increasing the amount slowly until you're able to tolerate more.

Drink a rehydrating liquid such as a sports drink. These drinks replace not only the water your body needs, but also help replenish electrolytes.

Swallow two pain relievers along with a full glass of water to reduce the pain of a dehydration headache. The pain relievers will ease the pain while the water will help reverse the dehydration that's causing the headache to begin with.

Reduce or eliminate dehydration head aches by paying attention to dehydration symptoms. Drink more water if your urine is dark in color, your mouth or lips are dry, or if your skin is dry. These are classic early dehydration symptoms and can be reversed prior to suffering any pain or discomfort.

Replace liquids such as coffee, tea or sodas with water or sports drinks. Caffeinated fluids dehydrate you, so remember to take plenty of water even if you do choose to keep drinking your morning coffee.

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