How to Connect a Digital Camcorder to a TV

If you're tired of viewing digital images on a tiny screen that pops out the side of your digital camera, you can connect your camcorder to your television set. All you need are plug-ins on both your television and camera and a cable.

Buy an audio/video cable that will connect both your digital camera and television set together. The cable on one end has a 1/8 inch jack. The other end has three separate cables in three different colors: red, white and yellow.

Plug the cable jack into a slot on your camera labeled "Audio/Video Output." Turn your camera on and set it to play in VCR mode.

Look for the red, white and yellow inputs on your television set. They can be located either behind your TV, on the side or in the front. Match the colors on the cables with those on the TV.

Turn your television set on and change the channel to channel 3 or 4, whichever is your default channel for watching videos. Push "Play" on your camcorder and press the "TV/Video" button on your TV remote. Your video should now start playing on your TV.


Depending on how old your television set is, you might only be able to plug in one audio cable into your TV.

Things You'll Need

  • Digital camcorder
  • TV
  • Audio/video cable
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