How to Care for a Pet Wallaby

If you're in the market for an unusual pet, consider purchasing a wallaby. They're exotic and will require closer attention than a dog or a cat. But, for every bit of effort you put into caring for your wallaby, you'll get hours of cute and cuddly fun in return.

Purchase your wallaby from a reputable and knowledgeable breeder. This ensures that the wallaby will be well taken care of during its infancy and that you'll have a good source for information or answers to questions regarding the wallaby's health as it grows older.

Feed the wallaby esbilac puppy formula when it's young. You'll want to use a bottle to do this. The bottle should have a nipple especially made for marsupials attached. Your breeder should be able to tell you where to get good supplies or provide them for you as part of a package deal with your wallaby.

Introduce the wallaby to solid food as it gets older. The easiest thing to do is to feed it a commercially prepared mix designed for marsupials, like Happy Hopper.

Provide your wallaby with a constant supply of fresh, clean water. They have sensitive digestive tracts, so make sure that the water it's drinking hasn't been exposed to bacteria, viruses, protozoa or any other contaminants.

Let your wallaby graze on fresh grass, leaves or bushes. Wallabies naturally like to forage, so yours should appreciate the extra edible greenery.


Allow your wallaby time to adjust to colder temperatures before keeping it outside. They're very adaptable creatures and should do fine in freezing temperatures, but they will need to be kept outside during the fall so that they can build up their coats in preparation for winter. Carry your young wallaby wherever you go by making a pouch in which to carry it. They will enjoy and benefit from the increased exposure to the human world.


Don't feed your wallaby vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce or broccoli. Because of the sensitivity of their digestive system, wallabies will become quite gassy and uncomfortable when fed such foods.

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