How to Trade Games at Gamestop

You've made it to every level and beaten your games over and over. It's time for new challenges, new systems and new accessories. Whether you prefer the Wii, Playstation, or Xbox, you can trade your games and accessories for others. It's easy.

Find a Gamestop store near you. You can go to their website (see Resources below) and roll the mouse over their store locator.

Take in your games. You can trade smudged games, scratched games, games without covers or games that don't even work. Obviously, the newer games or games in better shape receive a higher value. However, even low value games earn store credits quickly if you let them accumulate.

Decide if you want cash or store credit. Cash may be tempting since you can use it to buy anything, not just games, but store credits offer more value.

Take the cash or purchase new games or systems. Store credit can be used on anything in the store. Get the Edge card to get 10% bonuses on your trades and 10% discounts on the stuff that you buy. With the Edge card, you become a Gamestop member, and you'll receive a subscription to Game Informer, a top rated video-game magazine.


Check out the trade in value for popular games at the Gamestop website for an estimate. However, remember that each store will vary in price.

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