How to Get Gold Teeth

There are two distinct ways to get gold teeth. Gold dental crowns require the expertise of a dentist to obtain the proper fit for permanent wear. Gold caps for teeth are available through a large number of online websites. The gold caps (also called gold fronts or slugs) are temporary and are known in the hip-hop culture as grills.

Determine whether you want to have a professional mold by a dentist (highly recommended for more expensive grills) or whether you prefer to make an inexpensive mold at home.

Schedule an appointment with your dentist for a professional mold. The dentist will fill the mold with a special type of plaster to give the proper fit.

Use wax softened in water to make a bite imprint. This method is inexpensive, but it is not as dependable for a good fit as you'll likely find with a professional fitting.

Consider having grills permanently attached to your teeth. While this is more a practice for rap musicians, the option is available for anyone.

Take your pick of 14k, 18k and 22k gold grills in white or yellow gold. Many of the suppliers include the option to add diamonds or other precious and semi-precious stones as accents on the caps.

Question your dentist about using gold for your next filling. Before the 1980s, it was easy to get gold for filling cavities. It is not as common today, since the use of mercury amalgam and silver became available.

Use gold for a crown to cover a damaged tooth. Many dentists prefer gold as the substance used to design fake-tooth coverings because of its durability. Gold alloys are easy to adjust for a perfect fit.

Enjoy the status symbol of having gold teeth. Whether you choose a gold filling, crown or grill, the value of gold is an unmistakable investment.


Expect to pay more for gold crowns and grills. Depending on the quality of the gold, you may be looking at a rather pricey method of spicing up your mouth.


Avoid long-term wear of grills. With proper fitting and short-term use, grills are not known to carry any major risk of dental issues. Always remove grills for cleaning to avoid trapped food that could cause bacteria to develop. Make sure the fit allows you to floss between your teeth.

Things You'll Need

  • Wax
  • Teeth molds
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