How to Dress Like Kat Von D

Kat Von D is a glamorous tattoo artist with her own television series called LA Ink. The show is a spin off of a TLC reality show, Miami Ink, where she appeared. With her sexy style and attitude, many women want to copy Kat Von D. If you would like to look like Kat Von D, whether in everyday life or for a costume party, follow these steps.

Study pictures of Kat Von D. Find photos on her website or by doing a Google image search. Choose aspects of her style that you like and want to copy.

Wear clothes that reflect Kat Von D signature style. Kat likes to model the styles of the pinup queens of the 40s and 50s. She also wears black leather, animal prints, tank tops, altered band t-shirts and anything funky, sexy or gothic.

Accessorize like Kat Von D. Put a pair of big aviator-style plastic sunglasses on top of your head and wear a wrist sweat band on your left wrist. The wristband should be white, red, white, and blue or black. Kat often wears a black studded or riveted belt loosely over her outfit, as well as big silver hoop earrings and combat boots.

Do your makeup, which is an important part of Kat Von D's style. Wear heavy black eyeliner. Also apply dark eye shadow, eyebrows and black mascara. Dark pink blush high on the cheekbones and bright red lips complete the look.

Fix your hair like Kat Von D or buy a wig from a costume shop. Kat's hair is long, black, and feathered around the face. She sometimes has red or blonde highlights in the front.

Rock tattoos like Kat. Kat Von D is famous for the many tattoos that cover her body. If you want to exactly copy Kat, use a black marker to copy her most prominent tattoos. She has a field of black stars around her left eye and on the right side of her neck. She also has a rose with leaves and the name "Oliver" written in script beneath it.

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