How to make a kiss emoticon

Updated February 21, 2017

Before graphical representations of smiley faces became popular on the Internet, people would make text emoticons in their online communications. Graphics weren't available for these symbols on forums and instant messaging programs like they are now, so people used ordinary keyboard characters to create emoticons, such as a kiss or frowning emoticon.

Use your keyboard to insert emoticons into your text. You can use these "symbols" in email, word processing documents, in online forums or even within your instant message--although all of these contain graphical emoticons in their latest versions.

Make a kiss emoticon by typing a semicolon followed by an asterisk or a colon followed by an asterisk. It will look like this: ; or :

Return the kiss by typing a semicolon or colon followed by two asterisks: ; or :

Create a heart emoticon to follow your kiss emoticon. Simply type a "less than" sign followed by a number 3. It will look like this: <3 You can extend it with extra 3s: <33333 to emote more love.

Break the heart by inserting a forward slash between the "less than" symbol and the 3: < /3

Make a graphic of a kiss emoticon if you are handy with graphics software. You will need to do this in a program like Photoshop or Paint, where you can use tools to draw circles and ellipses. To create lips or any other facial feature on the smiley, use the pencil tool to draw.

Show a smooch in your drawing by creating pursed lips. If you are able to animate the graphics, you could have the lips moving inward and outward to create the image of lips blowing a kiss.

Add a heart to your emoticon. Draw a circle and color it red. Then use white (or the background color you are using on the rest of the emoticon) to erase the red from the sides and top of the red circle and downward to form the point at the bottom of your heart.


When creating your own graphic kiss emoticon, feel free to get creative. There are no restrictions when it comes to colors, shapes or animation. To create a custom kiss emoticon, you will need graphics software, such as Photoshop and ImageReady.

Things You'll Need

  • ImageReady (optional)
  • Photoshop (optional)
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