How to Dress Like a Biker Chick

Maybe you just bought a new motorcycle or maybe you are looking for a sexy biker man and want to attract him with your amazing fashion sense. Dressing like a biker chick is easy, however there are some very specific details that you mustn't forget.

Buy leather everything. You will need a vest, boots, belt, a pair of tight leather pants and most importantly of all, a leather biker jacket. It's best to buy black, however a little red or hot pink will work too.

Get a tattoo (or two or three.) Sexy biker tattoos are not just for men, so get inked to show are tough and biker you can be. Common biker chick themes include thorned roses, sword-impaled hearts and of course, motorcycles. Classic pin-up girls are also a biker chick favorite.

Bleach your hair, if you aren't already blond, and hold it back with a classic American flag bandana. You want a simple hairdo that you can stuff up under a handkerchief and helmet, but that still looks good when you let it down. Carry a comb and hairspray in your saddlebag, to do it up right, when the helmet comes off.

Wear dark sunglasses, which are not only cool, but also functional. Long days on a motorcycle are tough on the eyes, and a pair of shades will protect them from the sun, bugs and wind, while helping to preserve your eye makeup.

Accessorize with big silver rings, leather wristbands, Harley belt buckles and red fingernail polish. Top it all off with a big wad of chewing gum, and you are now the epitome of biker chick fashion.


Remember that the tighter the clothing and the more skin you can show, the better. You are dressing like a biker chick, so you will almost always cover your legs with tight leather pants, however a skimpy tank-top is a perfect way to show off your biker tan.

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