How to Dress Like a Scarecrow

The scarecrow is a traditional symbol of autumn. It reminds people of harvests and the bounty of the earth. It's no wonder that dressing up in a scarecrow costume has become a Halloween tradition. Follow these easy steps to make your own scarecrow costume.

Find an old flannel shirt and a pair of old jeans that have been worn through in all the right spots. Apply patches of contrasting flannel to the elbows of the shirt and the holes in the jeans.

Find some clean hay or straw to use as stuffing for costume. It's best to wear clothing beneath the jeans and shirt so that the straw doesn't scratch your skin too much. Bring along a tube of anti-itch ointment just in case.

Cut a few lengths of rope to tie around your waist, wrists and ankles. This works to help hold the straw in place, while further lending a homespun look to your scarecrow.

Paint your face to appear as though it has been stitched into place. Top off the scarecrow look with an old straw hat. If your local craft supply stores or costume shops do not have hats, try a thrift store. You may also find a better price.

Take along a burlap sack to hold your Halloween goodies.


Walk the walk of the scarecrow. You should adopt a loose-limbed gait as if your joints were made out of cottong. If you haven't brushed up lately on your "Wizard of Oz," be sure to watch one last time before heading out.

Things You'll Need

  • flannel shirt and a pair of old jeans
  • clean hay or straw
  • anti-itch ointment
  • rope
  • an old straw hat
  • face paint
  • a burlap sack
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