How to Hide Masculine Features With Makeup

For men who like to cross-dress or who are pre-op transsexuals, learning how to use makeup to hide masculine features is one of the essential keys to "passing" as a woman. The wonders of makeup today offer an array of options to help hide the aspects of a man's face that make him look most masculine. What follows are some helpful steps to take to conceal masculine features and enhance feminine ones.

Invest in a heavy-duty foundation and beard cover. The beard and mustache areas are hard to cover with makeup, but there are several great "concealer" products out there designed to provide maximum coverage.

Acquire a very good powder that matches your concealer/foundation. To attain the best results, you want your face to look as natural as possible. Hiding masculine features is key, but you also want to blend the makeup so that it doesn't look like you are hiding anything. Having a top-end concealer and a matching powder is the first best tool in your makeup arsenal.

Use eye makeup to obtain maximum femininity, but try to use it sparingly. The eyes are arguably the most beautiful part of the face, so you should enhance them with a nice shade that accentuates your own eye color. Opt for some top-end mascara that does not clump and try to avoid overkill. If the eyes look too heavily made up, they look fake and downright garish.

Pluck your eyebrows or, better yet, have them waxed. Very few women can get away with thick eyebrows. To achieve maximum femininity, you want to shape and groom them by tweezing or waxing.

Select the perfect lipstick and lipliner. This varies depending on skin tone, hair and eye color. If you are a brunette, you might try something in the plum line. If you are blond, you should consider pinker tones. The main point is to keep the lips subtle while still drawing attention to their beauty.

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