How to Get a Canary to Sing

The canary is known for its singing, yet many captive canaries do not sing and the owners are left disappointed. A healthy, happy bird is much more likely to sing. If you have a canary, there are a few steps you can take to encourage your canary to sing.

Buy a male canary that is between six months and three years old for best results. Males will sing the most.

Feed your canary a proper diet of high quality, fresh canary seed. Malnourished birds won't sing much.

Give your bird plenty of dark leafy greens, cooked rice and noodles, cooked eggs, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables.

Maintain a constant supply of clean, non-chlorinated water in the canary cage.

Provide your canary with an appropriately-sized cage that is at least 15-by-15 inches wide and 15-inches tall. If you bird feels closed in, he won't sing at all.

Clean the cage regularly to control disease and bacteria growth.

Take your bird to the vet if it has been singing an suddenly stops. This may be a sign of illness.


Purchase a CD of canary songs and play it around your canary. Some people feel that this teaches and encourages a canary to sing. A molting bird will not sing. This usually happens in the summer and it may take up to a few months before the bird sings again.


Do not buy a female canary, they generally do not sing and instead only beep and chirp. Do not place a mirror or another bird in the cage. These things may lead to a lot of singing at first, but it can quickly turn to no singing at all.

Things You'll Need

  • Bird cage
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Clean water
  • Canary seed
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