How to Make a Flying Nun Costume

Throw a party and ask all of your guests to dress as their favorite TV character. Most people will dress as their favorite sitcom or drama series character, but you can surprise your guests by dressing as The Flying Nun, the TV series that gave a young Sally Field her start in show business. This costume is unusual and can be easy to make if you are the least bit crafty. Read on to learn how to make a Flying Nun costume.

Look for a long-sleeved, floor length white dress at your local thrift or resale shop. The dress should have a simple straight skirt, nothing too puffy. If the dress doesn't have a collar, find a long-sleeved white shirt with a button down collar.

Find an old white sheet and fold each side in to overlap in the middle. Use double-sided tape, staples or hot glue to secure the sheet where the sides overlap each other.

Fold the sheet in half, so the top and bottom meet. Cut a hole in the middle of the fold for your neck. Slip the sheet on over the white dress and put the collar of the dress out over the neck of the "apron" sheet. This will make a full length white apron to fit over the top of your white dress.

Secure the apron with a piece of white rope or ribbon tied around your waist.

Use some of the poster board to form a half cone shape that will fit over your head and can be stapled to each side of the headband to form a the centerpiece of the nun's hat.

Cut two large triangular shapes from the white poster board to form the wings on each side of the hat. Staple or hot glue the "wings" to each side of the hat so they stick straight out like the wings on a bird's body. Fold or bend each "wing" down about half way to the tip to make it look like wings hanging down.

Check out a picture of Sally Field in The Flying Nun costume on the FiftiesWeb site to see what the hat and costume should look like.

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