How to Find a Drive-In Movie Theater

Drive-in movie theaters are vanishing from the landscape. And it's a shame. Summer nights sitting next to your best guy or gal in the front seat of a 1960 Chevy watching a double feature is a favorite baby boomer memory. Fortunately, some drive-ins have escaped the wrecking ball, so you too can enjoy this fun bit of Americana. Here's how to find a drive-in around your neighborhood.

Check the entertainment section of the local newspaper for any drive-in theater listings.

Visit one of the Internet websites devoted to drive-in theaters, such as or

Enter the zip code or click on the state in which you want to find drive-ins. When you get a list of drive-in movie theaters in your area, you will not see movie listings or show times. Contact information is provided, and sometimes there is a link to a website for the theater.

Call your chosen drive-in to verify that they are still operating and learn the show times, cost and what is playing. The information on the websites is not always up-to-date, and drive-ins are not always convenient to drive to, so it is important to call before you make the trip out.


Some drive-ins charge a flat rate per car instead of by the person. Be sure to ask about this when you call the drive-in.

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