How to Play Mouse Trap

Mouse Trap is a classic board game with a simple object: to build a mouse trap and trap other players' mice. The game's fun lies in building the crazy contraption piece by piece as each player races around the track, while trying to capture mice in the extremely unpredictable trap. Recommended for kids six and up, Mouse Trap is for two to four players.

Choose a player to go first. The first player rolls the die and moves the number of spaces shown on the die.

Follow the instructions printed on the space where you land. Types of spaces include Build spaces, Go Back or Move Ahead spaces, Take or Lose Cheese spaces, Dog Bone space, the Loop, Cheese Wheel space, Turn Crank space and Safe space.

Build the mouse trap when you land on a Build space. Trap parts must be assembled in numerical order. Follow the building plan included with the game. Every time you add a trap part, pick up one cheese piece from the pile.

Land on a Take the Cheese space. Each of these spaces tells you to take a different number of cheese pieces from the pile. If the pile is empty take cheese pieces from your opponent with the most. When you land on a Lose Cheese space, you must put back in the pile however many pieces the space says.

Trap your opponents' mice once the mouse trap is complete. You do so by landing on the Turn the Crank space when there's an opponent's player on the the Cheese Wheel space. To operate the trap, turn the crank clockwise. If it works, you've trapped your opponent's mouse, but if it doesn't, that player keeps moving.

Move your opponents' mice. You can do this only by landing on the Turn Crank space and only if an opponent is on the Cheese Wheel space. You may roll the die and move your opponent each time you return a cheese piece to the pile. Continue to move your opponent as many times as you can until he lands on the Cheese Wheel or until you run out of cheese pieces.

Capture all of the other mice. If you are the last mouse left on the board, you win.


Always turn the crank slowly in a clockwise direction. The trap needs to be reset every time its set and it doesn't catch a player. To do so, place the cage post (#22) in its original position. If you land on the Dog Bone space, do nothing. Your turn is over.


Do not allow children under three to play Mouse Trap, as it contains many small pieces that pose a choking hazard. You can never move an opponent who's on the Safe Space.

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