How to Find Forfeits for a Hen Party

Planning a hen party is easy and fun. Also known as a bachelorette party, a hen party is a celebration for a woman soon to be married. The word "forfeit" is French for "crime" which may be mildly appropriate due to the resulting harmless mischief. Forfeits add spice to any gathering and the ability to find forfeits for a hen party is limited only by the creativity of the party organizers. Read on to learn more.

Review the concept of forfeits, one of those games that many of us played in some version as kids. They're kind of like a dare, double-dog dare with the adult version often a bit racy.

Devise 50 or more forfeits for each hen party. You might require guests to think of one or two as a condition of entry to the party. There's no limit at hen parties as long as it's nothing illegal or dangerous. With adults-only in attendance, forfeits can range from "have a drink" to "tell about your first love" to "remove an item of clothing."

Check out possible musical forfeits, like requiring someone to stand on one leg while whistling a well-known song. You could also have them eat three crackers and then, before allowing them to take a drink, direct them to sing Happy Birthday to a stranger on the street. Musical forfeits can also require someone to dance, the more exotic, the better. Think belly dancing, tap or limbo.

Try verbal forfeits, like making someone recite the alphabet backwards or act like a monkey speaking French. You could also have a quiz about current events or celebrities in the news. How about naming ten things found in an attic? Or five things you wouldn't want to wear to church.

Let loose with some physical dares, such as making someone kiss everyone in the room whose name stars with a particular letter. The forfeit could be to wear rubber gloves during the party; any number of nonsensical activities will do. You could also play a moderate version of strip poker, the loser being the person who has to strut around the room and cluck like a hen every time someone says the word, "wedding."


Although there's a lot of freedom in what your group will consider great forfeits, it's vital to do nothing to badly embarrass or hurt the feelings of any of the women in attendance.

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