How to Become a Yoga Teacher

If you enjoy yoga enough to make it your life, you may want to consider becoming a teacher. It might just be a job or hobby that fulfills you mentally, physically and spiritually. Follow these steps to learn more.

Start on your path to becoming a yoga teacher by practicing yoga on a regular basis. You will want to explore different types of yoga, earning as much experience as possible.

Study the history and philosophy of yoga. Practicing and teaching yoga is so much more than simply a series of positions or poses. You will want to pass on a full understanding of yoga to your students.

Attend workshops to further your practice and education. These short sessions can help you hone your skill, while giving you the ability to network with your peers. Some workshops are geared specifically to teacher training, giving you actual practice in leading a class. This is a great chance to get feedback on your style.

Find a yoga teacher you trust to mentor you. You may also consider attending a training program. As your skill grows, you will be working with top yoga teachers who have run studios. You will not only learn technique but how to run a successful business.

Work with your mentor until he decides you are ready to move on. It should be every yoga teacher's goal to have his students surpass him, so you will not be hurting his feelings if you no longer need him.

Attend yoga classes taught by various teachers to pick up hints on how to organize your class plan. No matter how skilled you are in yoga technique, you must still engage your students by providing a rewarding experience.

Decide where you want to teach after you become a teacher. You may want to open a small studio of your own, continue to teach at your mentor's studio or start an in-home practice.


There are several styles of yoga (Ashtanga, Viniyoga, Bikram and Hatha are just a few of the more well-known forms). While you may have knowledge in more than one style, you will want to focus on one as you train to become a yoga teacher.


No certification or registration is required to be a yoga teacher. Programs that offer certificates range from weekend affair to 2-year programs. You should choose a course of study that fits your lifestyle.

Things You'll Need

  • Yoga experience
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