How to get water out of your ear

Updated February 21, 2017

Water can enter your ears while you are swimming or taking a bath. If you allow water to remain in your ears for a long time, it can cause infection, damage the eardrums and result in pain. Here's how to get water out of your ear.

Pour a few drops of water into a dropper. Turn the head so the affected ear is facing up. Drop some water from the dropper into your affected ear. Wait two or three seconds, then flip your head quickly so the affected ear now faces the ground. Repeat the process until all the water has drained out of your ear.

Prepare a mixture of half alcohol and half vinegar. Put two or three drops of this mixture into the affected ear. The mixture should dry up the water in a few minutes.

Sleep with the affected ear facing the surface of your pillow. After a few minutes, the force of gravity may pull the water out.

Dry up the water in your ear using a hair dryer on a low setting. Take care not to hold the hair dryer too close or to burn yourself.

Use over-the-counter antiseptic eardrops. Shake two or three drops into your ear, then turn your head so the affected ear is facing downward. The water should come out with the eardrops.

Consult your doctor if water remains in your ear no matter what you try on your own.


If you experience severe pain or infection in the ear, consult a doctor.

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