How to Clean Hair Dye from Carpet

Getting hair dye out of carpet is tough - and if you're to have much luck it's best if you can get at the stain immediately. Here's what to do:

Blot the stain immediately with a clean, white cloth.

Mix a solution of 1/4 tsp. liquid hand-dishwashing soap and 1 cup lukewarm water.

Blot stain with soap solution, using a clean, white cloth. Blot from the outside of the stain, working inward.

Let sit a few minutes.

Mix a solution of 1 part vinegar to 2 parts lukewarm water.

Dab stain with vinegar solution, again working from the outside in.

Once the stain has disappeared, flush the area with cold water and blot dry with a clean, white cloth.


If you don't have success with these methods, you will have to call in a professional carpet cleaner.

Things You'll Need

  • Dishwashing Liquid
  • Cleaning Cloths
  • Cloth
  • Vinegar
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