How to write and send a compliment letter for good customer service

Customer service representatives are more likely to receive brickbats than bouquets. A high proportion of the customers they deal with have complaints about the company or its products or services, and feel entitled to take their anger and disappointment out on customer care staff. When you write a letter praising one employee for exceptionally good service, the entire department gets a motivational boost and the individual you single out may even win an award or promotion as a consequence.

Call the company to get the full name and department of the employee who helped you, and the name and email address of her manager. In a local business, employees may wear name tags, or staff names and photographs may be on display in the reception area.

Choose a suitable format for your letter. A letter from your business should be on your company letterhead or may be sent by email. You might want to write a personal note to a local business or print a letter on your computer. Email is acceptable for most types of communication, but make sure it's addressed to the employee's supervisor or manager.

Describe clearly the interaction you had with the employee and the type of service you received. Say what in particular the employee did to solve a problem or produce the result you wanted and why you're so happy with their service. Provide a support ticket reference if applicable. It's always a nice touch to compliment the manager on the training they give their employees.

Provide your contact details, including your full name, address and telephone number. It reassures the company that your praise is genuine and gives it the opportunity to respond to you.

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