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How to Cope With Receiving Anonymous Letters

Receiving an anonymous letter can be frightening. Even with positive content, the curiosity factor about the letter soon gives way to doubt and fear. Without knowing the sender's identity, one can't be sure of his or her motives and that's frustrating. Here's how to cope with receiving anonymous letters and handle the situation without losing control.

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  1. Decipher the letter as much as possible. Look at the handwriting and the language used by the writer. If it's similar to someone you know, then think logically about why they'd send you anonymous letters. Remain calm and form a plan to cope with the person and any future letters.

  2. Ignore the anonymous letters or emails. Only a coward writes anonymous letters, and most of them will tire if they receive no response to repeated attempts to upset or contact you.

  3. Locate the IP address information for an anonymous letter sent by email. Check the advance header of the email for the IP address and then do a search to determine the geographic area where it originated. Police can obtain this information for you in certain cases.

  4. Check with local authorities. Depending on the content and volume of the letters received, they can help you in tracking down and dealing with the perpetrator. At the very least, they can give you advice on how to cope with the letters even if they're not severe enough for action by police or postal service.

  5. Contact a lawyer if the letters continue and become threatening. A private investigator can also help. When the anonymous letters threaten your job, family or friends, and your physical and mental health, seek professional help. Some people can cope with a simple lovelorn anonymous letter on their own, but turn over any continuous treats to the authorities.

  6. Warning

    Don't confront the person you think sent the letter in a fit of anger. You could cause more problems-or you could accuse the wrong person.

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