How to make your own white face foundation

Making your own foundation enables you to choose your own ingredients and avoid allergens, and it is a lot cheaper than shop-bought make-up. A homemade face foundation allows you to wear make-up in the exact shade you want without having to buy expensive custom-blend cosmetics. If you have pale skin or you want to create a striking look for a fancy dress party, white face foundation made at home is effective, simple to mix and easy to wear.

Select your base. For a white or pale foundation, use arrowroot powder or titanium dioxide. Use one tablespoon of powder for light skin, building the quantity if you need more foundation or a paler look. Pour the powder into a mixing cup.

Mix in base oil for a liquid or compact foundation. Choose almond, jojoba, coconut, or olive oil. Start by adding five drops and increase the quantity, stirring with a spatula until you reach your ideal texture. Another option is to use glycerine and water.

Add colour if required. White foundations for naturally pale skin and the geisha look don’t need extra pigment but you may want to warm the base with a tint for other uses. Mix in ground cinnamon, cocoa powder or ground nutmeg until you achieve the right shade. Add two drops of essential oil for fragrance if necessary.

Apply the foundation to your face using your fingers, a brush or a cosmetic sponge. Dust rice powder or mineral powder over the skin to set the make-up and to minimise shine.


Arrowroot powder or ground arrowroot is a fine white starch used as a thickener in cooking. Buy it from health food shops or the cake-making section of the supermarket.

If you have a shop-bought mineral foundation powder you can also use this as your base to make a white liquid foundation. Use a very pale mineral powder and add sericite mica for silkiness plus oil for binding.


Natural ingredients may still cause skin irritations. Check a small quantity of your foundation on your skin before applying to the whole face and rinse well if it causes redness.

Things You'll Need

  • Arrowroot powder
  • Base oil
  • Mixing cup
  • Small spatula
  • Essential oil
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