How to iron a shirt

Updated July 20, 2017

A well-pressed shirt is smart and stylish. No one wants to be seen in a crumpled one. But ironing shirts to perfection can be a baffling task. Simple tips will help make it a bit easier.

Spray the shirt with a little water if it is very crumpled. Roll it up and leave it for about 10 minutes until only slightly damp.

Fill up the water holder in the iron. Steam is essential for a well-pressed shirt.

Check the label on the shirt and set the iron's temperature at the recommended level. Allow it to heat up before turning on the steam function.

Iron the collar first: Lay it flat on the ironing board and press both sides, ironing towards the centre.

Pull the back of the shirt as taut as you can over the ironing board. Smooth out any creases with your hands. It must be as flat as you can get it to avoid ironing any creases into it.

Lay the sleeves as flat as possible on the board when ironing them. It is easier to start at the top and work your way down to the cuff.

Place the left side of the shirt front on the ironing board and again ensure it’s as flat as it can be. Iron small parts of the front one at a time and rotate so that each section you are ironing is directly in front of you and you’re not having to bend your arm awkwardly. Smooth each area before you begin ironing it.

Use the tip of the iron to work it around the buttons, pulling the shirt tight with your free hand as you do so.

Spray water on an area if you accidentally iron in big wrinkles. Leave it for a few minutes before ironing it out.

Things You'll Need

  • An ironing board
  • An iron
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