How to care for angora jumpers

Updated April 17, 2017

Angora jumpers are made from the distinctively downy coat of the Angora rabbit. To keep your jumper in good condition, you should avoid handling it in a way that will stretch it out of shape, keep it away out of strong sunlight – which is bad for the fibres – and wash it only occasionally in cold water. As you can see, an angora jumper is rather a high-maintenance garment.

Avoid anything that will cause the jumper to stretch. So, fold it away when not wearing it, rather than placing it on a clothes hanger or draping it over the back of a chair. Never put it out to dry on a washing-line.

Don't wear your jumper in strong direct sunlight or in situations where it is likely to get grimy and sweaty. Beware other sources of grime and disolouration such as cosmetics.

Dry-clean the jumper, ideally. Failing that, hand wash it in slightly soapy cold water, but do so sparingly. For the best results, wash it in a tub or a large basin where the jumper has plenty of room to spread out. Knead it gently rather than wringing it. Spread the jumper out on the bottom of the tub or basin once you've let the water out, carefully pressing out moisture. Then transfer the jumper to a white towel laid out on the floor, lifting and turning the jumper periodically and replacing the towel until the jumper is dry. Do not iron the jumper or use bleach on it.

Fluff up the jumper's fibres after washing by folding it up, wrapping it loosely inside a plastic bag and then placing it in a freezer for 20 minutes.

Go over the jumper with a soft brush after wearing it to lift any flattened fibres. Also, prise off any fibres that have rolled themselves into pills.

Things You'll Need

  • bath/basin
  • white towel
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