How to repair scratched leather shoes

It’s possible to get scratches on your leather shoes that are so disfiguring you’ll still be able to see them to some extent no matter what you do. However, for the vast majority of light scuffs and scratches, the renovation process is painless and straightforward. You’ll need to buy, or borrow, some scuff cover liquid of the correct colour or a similar restoration product with the capacity to cover up scuffs and scratches. Many other products are available that can be used in precisely the same way. These products are made by several major shoe manufacturers and retailers, and represent the industry’s best do-it-yourself solution for repairing scratched and scuffed leather shoes.

Removing the scratches

Clean off any mud and/or other dirt from the shoes and leave them to dry.

Shake the scuff cover bottle, leaving the cap on, for five seconds.

Remove the cap. Invert, or turn over, the bottle and press the foam applicator against the scratched area, with a light pumping action. The scuff cover liquid will flow from the bottle, through the applicator and onto the affected area, filling in the scratches.

Leave the shoes to dry.

Polish the shoes, following your normal regime, if it seems likely this will help the situation.


Rinse the scuff cover applicator under the tap after you have done the job and dab it dry it with a piece of kitchen roll. Replace the scuff cover cap.

Things You'll Need

  • Scuff cover liquid (various options)
  • Shoe polishing kit (optional)
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