How Does an E-Gear Transmission Work?

Updated April 17, 2017

E-Gear is a sequential transmission system. E-Gear is the marketing name used for the electronic transmission system in the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4. With E-Gear electronic transmission systems, shifting gears is faster than standard manual transmission with a clutch. Because E-Gear transmission is a semi-automatic transmission system, the driver does not step on the clutch pedal to shift gears. The electronic transmission system is designed to make driving more comfortable in stop-and-go traffic. A driver simply moves the manual stick into gear to slow down or speed up. Like a manual transmission system, the power of control over the car is greater than a fully automatic transmission system, but with less footwork for the driver.

Features on E-Gear for Lamborghini

The E-Gear electronic semi-automatic transmission system features electronic control of operation modes. The driver selects from automatic mode, normal mode, sport mode and low adherence. These features are entirely optional. The most spectacular feature the driver will select is the automatic override mode. The driver selects this mode from the paddles on the steering wheel, and the car becomes an automatic transmission system (the driver doesn't have to shift gears in this mode). The computer then takes over shifting (Although the computer is less smooth at shifting gears than a human manually shifting the gears). In the case of Manumatic automatic transmission, the driver uses the automatic override program to set transmission in first gear. The driver operates gears through electronic control valves housed in the trans valve body of the vehicle. The valve itself sets the shifting points from which the driver can select from the steering column or steering wheel. In semi-automatic transmission systems, the driver has actuation control via paddles built into the steering column on the Lamborghini. Shifting is made smoother with E-Gear (and faster) than it is using a standard manual transmission gearbox. An ESP system enables automatic brake differential for the car's front and back of the car. The gear transmission is six-speed with a double plate clutch (with reduced diameter).

How Semi-Automatic Transmission Works

The sequential manual gearbox is a hydraulic clutch. A computer controls actuators to move the clutch, shifting to higher/ lower gears, depending on the way the driver moves the stick and/ or the amount of throttle applied by the driver. The driver presses paddles around the steering wheel, which in turn issues a command to the car's computer to shift up or down in gear.

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