Cooking with a microwave convection oven

Updated April 17, 2017

Microwave convection ovens are two appliances in one. The oven can work as both a traditional microwave and as a convection oven. The difference between a convection oven and conventional oven is how the food is cooked. Conventional ovens use the heated oven, either gas- or electric-powered, to maintain a temperature for baking or roasting. Convection ovens circulate heated air in the cooking chamber to cook the food.

The microwave

The microwave works as one might expect. These combination ovens may feature a larger cooking space or use more power than traditional countertop, over-the-range or compact models. Food is set on the oven's china or glass rotating plate and cooked according to specifications.

The convection oven

As mentioned previously, the convection oven uses superheated air to cook food thoroughly. These ovens can raise the temperature inside of the oven to more than 260 degrees C. Food is set on a special tray or a pan, which is set on the tray and cooked. Most ovens have presets based on the type of food, quantity and/or weight, and there are a number of cookbooks that provide recipes. The advantage of using this convection oven is that it adds a second roasting or baking option in the kitchen. Rather than cooking the food by drawing out the water from it and steaming it (like a microwave), the convection can brown and crisp foods on the outside.

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