How does humid weather affect hair?

Updated April 17, 2017

Humidity refers to the amount of water vapour in the air. The more water vapour in the air, the more humid the weather becomes. The amount of humidity in the atmosphere can help meteorologists predict the possibility of precipitation such as rain, snow, sleet or hail as well as fog and dew. Humidity not only affects the weather, but it also affects human hair. Hair is a very delicate part of the human body and is susceptible to the slightest changes in the atmosphere. In fact, humidity often leads to dried out and frizzy hair, which makes women often seek the help of smoothing serums and heated flat irons to deal with the frizziness.

Humidity and Hair

Humid weather has a very visible and unwanted affect on a person's hair. It makes hair become unruly, frizzy and puffy and causes it to lose shine, smoothness and sleekness. Hair gets frizzy when it's humid because the strands absorb the moisture and expand. As the strands of hair expand, they lose their shape and become twisted, which accounts for the frizzy look. Humid weather also leads to the overdrying of hair, which leaves it porous and more likely to turn frizzy. Overuse of heating products strips hair of its natural oils and distorts the natural shape of the hair cuticle, accounting for the frizzy appearance.

Taming Frizz

Deep conditioning treatments are some of the best ways to reduce frizz. When a deep conditioner is added to the hair, it cancels out the dryness caused by the humidity in the air. Silicone-based hairsprays and styling gels also help fight off the humid weather by coating strands of hair with a protective barrier that keeps moisture from penetrating the strands and twisting their shape.

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