BMW Professional Vs. Business Stereo

Written by kristin jennifer | 13/05/2017
BMW Professional Vs. Business Stereo
BMW offers a professional or business stereo option with different models. (Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

BMW is an automobile manufacturer based in Germany. Vehicles made by BMW are renowned for high quality and luxury. Each model of BMW comes with stereo system and satellite navigation options defined as either professional or business.

Business Stereo System

Most BMW models come with a standard stereo option that includes a set of speakers. The standard stereo system is often referred to as the business option. The quality of the speakers and stereo offered in the business package varies from model to model and changes with each production cycle.

Professional Stereo System

The professional stereo system is most often an upgrade option for BMW buyers. The option offers a concert-style listening experience, with multidirectional speakers. In higher luxury BMW models, the professional stereo system may be the standard stereo option. The professional system has, at times, included Harmon Karman speakers and satellite navigation.

Professional LOGIC 7 System

The Professional LOGIC 7 stereo system is an upgrade option that includes 13 speakers, including seven mid-range speakers, four tweeters and two woofers. Speakers are positioned under the seat to free boot space and add depth to the bass notes. In 2011, the LOGIC 7 system upgrade is only available in the 3, 5, 7 and M series BMWs.

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